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In 2006 Company President Raymond Brethour responded to the request of Kingfisher Lake First Nation to provide a reliable localized transportation service that would ensure all project materials were delivered on time and in good condition.  In it's first year of operation the company delivered approximately twenty (20) loads of much needed and long over due project material from Winnipeg, Thunder Bay and Sioux Lookout.  The company went on to deliver three (3) oversize modular housing units which were abandoned on the side of the highway by a previously contracted company.  

(Company President poses with the first leased truck and deck to begin work)


OMAHAMO Store & Housing Kingfisher Lake

In 2011 working with various owner operators and partnering with RT Nowell the company delivered approximately fourty (40) deck loads of freight to Kingfisher Lake First Nation.  These loads were mostly for the community store upgrade which was beginning at the time but also included local housing renovation and building materials.  The loads included everything from oversize deck loads to dry van freight and specialty oversize loads.

(A company truck prepares to haul a load destined for Kingfisher Lake)


ASHEWEIG Winter Road Re-alignment & Bridges

In 2012 the company began hauling materials for the Asheweig Winter Roads Corporation to help with the expansion and bridge building process on their winter road system.  This project consisted of many meticulous hours of hand loading and offloading of bridge materials.  The project also consisted of handling and hauling unusual materials and dimensions.  The loads were often picked up from different suppliers and yards which also created logistical challenges.  In the end all of the materials were delivered on time and in good condition.

(A company truck hauls a load of material for building approaches)


(A company truck hauls two (2) 50,000 Litre Bulk Storage Tanks on the ice)

Bulk Fuel Storage Tank Facilities.

In 2012 Manidoo Holdings teamed up with a bulk tank supplier in Western Canada and supplied and delivered 30 bulk fuel storage tanks in Northern Ontario.  Some of these tanks came from as far as Ohio and Iowa.  Unfortunately due to changing weather conditions and a quick winter road melt three (3) of the tanks destined for Kingfisher Lake First Nation never made it during the season.  They did however receive seven (7) of ten (10) tanks on a very tight time constraint.

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